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One of the toughest jobs in cleaning is carpet cleaning. Mare dusting doesn’t guarantee you a neat clean and bacteria protected carpet. Carpet cleaning has great importance in house, apartment, and office cleaning. Huge foot traffic comes on it and it gets dirty with every single footstep. Dust stuck in it which is very harmful to the quality and durability of the carpet. Dust cuts down the threads as it acts as a cutting blade. It requires deep Carpet Cleaning Services. We the Carpet-cleaning Montreal are the leading cleaning company in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil. Here you get what you want. The quality work in possible low rates.

Why it is important to clean a carpet

Why it is important to clean a carpet

Regular carpet cleaning and dusting is important. An occasional steam cleaning is a great idea if you want your carpet to smell fresh. Routine cleaning prevents your carpet from harming your health. A dusty carpet is a perfect and ideal place for bacterias and allergens to breed up. They will ultimately harm your health and your family members. The best option to avoid the dangerous pollutants is to get your carpet steam clean. Our Carpet Cleaning Services Montreal is exceptional and up to the standards.

What benefits you get from deep carpet cleaning

Deep Carpet Cleaning

The first benefit you enjoy from carpet cleaning is protection from harmful bacterias. It is important for good health. If you are a pet lover you must get your carpet clean. Your pet may play on it their hair may be stuck in the carpet which is dangerous.

Carpet Cleaning Montreal is the best option to get rid of this problem. If you are facing such issues just let us know. We will deal with all the issues you are facing. Not to mention, our staff has expertise in carpet cleaning efficiently. If you are looking for professional Carpet Cleaning services at low rates just get in contact with us today.

Process of carpet cleaning

What benefits you get from deep carpet cleaning

You may get in contact with your carpet barefooted. Chemical made ingredients may cause skin infection or allergy. Carpet Cleaning Montreal uses health-friendly and organic cleaning products. Not to mention, our procedure for carpet cleaning is exceptional and bears a level of professionalism. By using chemical-free ingredients we make a solution for carpet washing. Before starting carpet washing we perform a detailed dusting. After then our cleaners use rubber gloves and rub them on the carpet surface. This removes the hairs from the carpet.

Vacuuming the carpet

Vacuuming the carpet

Dusting does not assure you the best dust removing from the carpet. Therefore we are fully equipped and use quality machines in cleaning carpet. By using a steam vacuum we remove all the dust and dirt from it. It removes dust to the optimal level.

Steam vacuum applies dry vapor to clean and sanitize the concrete floors. It is very useful in removing grease, grime, grout, etc. from the floor surface. So our steam cleaners heat up the water at almost 360 F which is higher than what bacterias, allergens, and fungus can endure. Most importantly, we apply it after performing surface dusting. As it removes the stubborn and hard dust from the carpet.

Washing the carpet

washing the carpet

At the end of dusting and vacuuming, we deal with carpet washing which is the main job to do. We use chemical-free and health-friendly ingredients for making a solution. 3 cups of detergent we mix in the 3/4 filled bucket of warm water. Furthermore, we use sometimes, a bleach for removing stubborn stains of drink, alcohol, or other types of stains.

If there is a chew gum stick on the carpet we remove it by using ice. When we apply ice on the gum it makes the chewing gum harder. It will help to erase it. So on the other hand, if ice is not used for removing chewing gum it will be much difficult to remove.

We, then apply the solution on the carpet which we have made earlier. Pour the solution on it and rub it with soft bristles brush. This will remove all the spots and stains from it. So Most importantly, it does not harm the quality and color of the carpet. After this washing procedure, we let it soak in the air. Vacuum it again to remove all the sand stains from it if there are any. This assures you a fully sanitized and bacteria-free carpet.

We charge nominal rates for our quality carpet cleaning services. So We do not compromise on the level of quality of our services. Carpet Cleaning Montreal charges only $35 – $65 depending on the size of the carpet. All the rates are negotiable.

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