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Most of the houses, apartment and office have carpets in them somewhere. If your guests, friends or other people visit your house, apartment, and office on a regular basis. There is a high feet traffic on your carpet and you want to keep it clean. You can clean your carpet easily with the help of these Easy 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips. The tips are;

Easy 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips

  • Encourage your family members to remove shoes at doorsteps
  • Vacuum it twice or thrice a week
  • Do a regular dusting
  • To prevent from stains clean the spills immediately from the carpet
  • Use Curtain and upholstery to keep the carpet safe from UV rays
  • Use an additional layer on the carpet
  • You should use health-friendly and organic cleaning products
  • Use baking soda to remove odour from the carpet
  • Use a steam cleaner and water to clean it

You can get your carpet clean easily with the help of these Easy 10 Carpet Cleaning Tips;

Ask your family members to remove shoes at the doorstep

If you want to reduce the amount of dirt and dust from your carpet. You should ask your family members to remove shoes at doorsteps. There will be fewer shoes with dirt and dust come on the carpet. It will reduce the amount of mess, dirt, and dust. You can reduce your effort for cleaning your carpet.

Vacuum it twice or thrice a week

Even if you remove your shoes behind the carpet. It gets dirty and dusty, You should do vacuum it twice or thrice a week. It will keep your carpet clean, neat, and tidy. You can do the vacuuming by yourself. If you want to hire cleaning services for this purpose you can contact the Carpet Cleaning Team.

Regular Dusting

It’s not a tough job to do dusting of the carpet. You can perform this task easily and it is much important to keep the carpet clean. A regular dusting will remove the dirt and dust from your carpet and will keep it clean. There may be some kind of sticky matters on the carpet. Dusting helps to remove them as well.

Clean the spill immediately

Spills of juice, drink or alcohol may cause of spots and stains on the carpet. You should clean any spill immediately to avoid the spots and stains. If it gets dry and absorbs in the carpet. It will be difficult for you to remove these stains. Immediate cleaning of spills will reduce your efforts for carpet cleaning and will save your time as well.

Use Curtains and upholstery

You should use upholstery and curtains on the windows. The carpet may be of your favourite colour and design. The UV rays of the sun may affect the color and quality of your carpet. You should use curtain will save the colour of your carpet.

Use additional layer on the carpet

There may be large traffic of feet steps on the carpet and it gets dirty and dusty. You should use a plastic rug or a decorated mat on the carpet to keep it safe. It will keep its originality safe and will help to reduce the dust and dirt.

Use of health-friendly ingredients for the carpet cleaning

When you clean your carpet you should use organic cleaning products for this purpose. Carpet washing is a tough job. You can perform it by yourself. The children may sit on it and you may walk barefooted. The use of the chemical in carpet cleaning may cause skin infection. You should use health-friendly cleaning ingredients for carpet washing.

Use baking soda to remove the odor

When you wash your carpet you should use baking soda to wash your carpet. The use of baking soda will remove the smell and odor from your carpet. Pour some baking soda in solution which you will use to wash the carpet.

Use steam cleaner and water

You can use a steam cleaner and water for the purpose of carpet cleaning. this will give you better results. It will clean your carpet and will remove all the dirt, dust, and stains from your carpet.

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