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To get a neat, clean, and organized house, apartment, and office, several tasks are needed to perform. Floor Cleaning and Mopping is one of those tasks. Floor cleaning has great importance. If you don’t clean your floor, it can cause discomfort for you. Carpet cleaning Montreal provides you with the best Floor Cleaning and Mopping Montreal. We deal with all the dust spots and stains. We remove the dust accumulation from the floor surface. Irrespective of floor form we provide you best floor cleaning services. If you have a wood floor, slate floor, concrete floor, and hardwood floor let us deal with its cleaning. 

  • Clutter and debris cleaning
  • Detailed dusting of the floor
  • Vacuuming
  • Floor mopping & Floor washing

Floor Cleaning and Mopping Montreal includes all of these tasks;

Clutter and debris cleaning

Our cleaning staff always has a proper plan for every work. We have trained them enough that they pay attention to every minor detail. In the first place, our cleaning staff cleans the clutter and debris from the floor surface. It makes clear the image of the cleaning work which we have to perform for Floor Cleaning and Mopping Montreal.

Detailed dusting of the floor

When we have completed the clutter removing work, we start dusting off the level. We remove dust from all the stories of your building. There may be dust sticks in crevices and cracks that are not easy to remove. But our cleaning staff cleans that stick dust very efficiently.


There is a possibility that some dirt particles are left behind after dusting the floor. Then we vacuum it to get it thoroughly cleaned. Our cleaning staff cleans the dust from behind the furniture and appliances you have in your house, apartment, and office.

Floor Mopping

When we have dealt with the dusting and vacuuming, we mop the floor. Before we start wiping it we make a solution of vinegar and water. Mix them in a half-filled bucket of water. Damp the mop and apply it to the floor. This removes the dust spots from the floor.

Floor Washing

Last but not least, our cleaning staff washes the floor thoroughly. If there are stubborn dust spots and stains, we use the same solution in it and scrub it. Finally, we provide you with a neat, clean, and germs free floor.

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