Odors can spoil a perfect atmosphere inadequately. Odor Removal Services is a must-do for everyone. The primary task is cleaning the upsetting area first.So You have to find out where the pungent odor is coming from. After marking that spot, clean it with soap and broom with some antifungal solvent. Cooking smoke and other smoke can cause bad odor. To remove this you have to allow some fresh air to get in.

If you have a pet it may be really difficult for odor removal. If you cannot find out the target spot you have to take the help of black light. So Body fluids contain phosphorus. Blacklight can spot phosphorus with the help of ultraviolet rays. After highlighting the spot you can clean with antibacterial hygienic solvent.

Carpets can form odors for various reasons like spoiled foods, drinks and other elements. So you have to vacuum correctly to maintain its fresh smell. Carpet cleaning is a must for bad odor removal. So Another source of bad odor is refrigerator. You have to remove expired foods daily. Once in a while clean up your fridge with antibacterial mild soap.
As an expert in odor removal and deodorization carpet cleaning professionals are well trained to identify and remove the odors. The smell and odors come from a number of outdoor and indoor sources. We properly remove the odors. So We have the professional training and equipment to clean the offensive odors.



A house that is perfect in cleaning can still have bad odor. This is mainly due to odor locating can be difficult. Therefore At carpet cleaning our odor removal services are carefully designed to remove the bad odor and improve the air quality.So The process is customized and tailored for your house carefully and involve a detailed process and features:

  • Consultation between the house owner and technician.
  • Inspection and visit of the house to see the cause of odor.
  • The amount of work and time needed to remove the odor.
  • Free estimate and quote for odor removal.
  • Steps involving the odor removal process.
  • Deep cleaning system and protection for future smells and odors.



When you hire and trust the carpet cleaning service. We provide immaculate cleaning and get the job. With an experience of 10 years across Montreal, Laval and Longueuil we make the customers happy with a service of full satisfaction.

You don’t have to live with the unpleasant smells and odors. We can remove them and make the place clean and neat. Call (514) 654 4988 to connect with us and team of professional will be there to clean you space in no time. For a free estimate fill up the contact us form available on our website.

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