It is imperative to take care of and keep the carpet clean. The more you take care of carpet it will have a longer life; the below ideas from professional carpet cleaning Longueuil is the best to keep the carpet clean and fresh. Moreover, you can leave the last step of having a deep clean of the house. Once the carpet is clean, you can use it frequently to keep the carpet clean and smelling fresh.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Longueuil


The most important advice from professional carpet cleaning Laongueuil is a  thing to prolong the life of the carpet is the regular cleaning and vacuuming. The dirt and dust, if not cleaned, can get in the carpet to the deepest level, causing damage. It mostly depends on the traffic in the house. Moreover, it’s an excellent habit to vacuum the carpet daily. Use a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for carpet cleaning. These days the vacuums come for hard floor, wood, and tile cleaning.

Protecting the Carpet

The rugs can be useful in preserving the carpet cleaning. Using the rugs in high traffic areas such as the living room is helpful. Furthermore, the rugs need to be clean, and it is easier to clean than a carpet.

Baking Soda before Vacuum

The use and a sprinkle of baking soda before the vacuum process will make the carpet smell fresh. From a store, moreover, you can buy a carpet freshener, but the baking soda works the same and is cheaper.
Sprinkle a layer of baking soda over the carpet before vacuuming. Leave it 5 to 10 minutes and vacuum it. You will feel the carpet fresh, clean, and tidy.



A deep clean of the rug is necessary to restore the freshness and cleanliness. You can buy a carpet cleaner to finish the job for you. You can clean the carpet several times until it is deep clean thoroughly. After cleaning it with a carpet cleaner, use the vacuum to suck the extra water. If the carpet still feels damp, use paper towels and cloths. To ensure the rug is dry, leave it overnight by keeping the window open.


The easiest and safest way to have the carpet clean is to hire a professional carpet cleaning service in Longueuil. The skill and train professionals will regularly clean the carpet in the home. We do regular cleaning weekly cleaning and help you organize the house perfectly. Call us on (514) 654 4988 to inquire about our different cleaning services and order a free estimate and quote.

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