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Upholstery requires care and special attention throughout the year. A professional upholstery cleaning is to be taken care of in every year to 18 months. The tools and equipment in use of the professional upholstery cleaning and carpet cleaner are useful more than the products available at home. They are keen to get the soil, dirt and bacteria out of the upholstery.

Have you ever thought what makes the process lengthy? Here are some things that give the upholstery a new touch.

Stage of Preparation

Our professional carpet cleaners carry out a complete inspection for the upholstery to clean. They usually analyze the dirt and area, which requires more attention. On that basis, we come up with the cost and estimate for the process to be in completion successfully.

We interact with our customers and inform them of the work done. If our cleaners check on and gather more dirt and stains, they can tell you. Our careful process of testing the fabric with our cleaning products make sure that we are using the best cleaning method without damaging the structure. After that, the vacuum and dusting of the upholstery are in the streamline.


The cleaners at carpet cleaning Montreal for professional upholstery cleaning use an environmentally friendly cleaning product to lose up the dirt and stains on the upholstery. Moreover, the stubborn stain and spot treatment effectively. Our cleaning service knows the kind of product and which one to use in the overall cleaning process.

The Process of Cleaning

In the long run, the cleaning process is active with the steam moisture dying equipment. It helps removes the dirt from the upholstery. As per the fabric the vacuum is done or to extract soil rinsing completed. Our cleaners have the powerful tools to get the moisture out and dry up the upholstery. Once the whole process is complete, they check the upholstery for stains and spots and complete the cleaning process.

Final Touch

With years of experience and skills in the cleaning process. We know how to clean the upholstery and use a balance cleaning solution. Using the best fabric protector and sanitation is in use to keep the upholstery fresh and avoid damage and stains.

Moreover, we take care of the upholstery effectively and efficiently to make them look delicate. We carpet cleaning Montreal can give you professional carpet cleaning. With the use of latest equipment and the technique, we meet the requirement of the customers in Montreal. Call a carpet cleaning Montreal for a free estimate and quote now.

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