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Carpet Cleaning gives you master private cleaning and with genuine feelings of serenity. Take in more about Our Secret to Residential Cleaning Services in Montreal, Laval, and Longueuil.

Here’s our guarantee to you:

Regardless of whether it is continuous housekeeper benefit or a one-time arrangement, we have the most reliable individuals with the best hardware accessible. Get a free in-home gauge today.

General Cleaning (entire house)

  • Mop all floors
  • Dust
  • Kitchen:

Floors, ledges, stovetop, burners expelled and cleaned, outside of fridge cleaned, sinks – scoured, sterilized and cleaned. Blinds tidied. Microwave wiped all around. Waste evacuated. Wastebasket – cleaned(outside). Floors cleared and cleaned.

  • Living room/Family Room:

Pictures, roof fans, knickknacks, furniture, floors cleaned(vacuumed/cleared and wiped). Real machines tidied/cleaned. Blinds cleaned.

  • Dining Room:

Counters, cupboards, and furniture cleaned and cleaned outside. Floors cleaned(vacuumed/cleared and wiped). Reachable roof fan tidied. Real machines cleaned/cleaned, Blinds tidied.

  • Bathroom:

Baths completely cleaned, showers cleaned, spigots, toilets cleaned, sinks scoured and sterilized. Mirrors cleaned. Chrome/treated steel cleaning. Blinds cleaned. Wastebasket cleaned (outside). All floors cleared and wiped.

  • Bedroom:

In Short, All the furniture cleaned and cleaned. Beds made. Pictures tidied or wiped clean. Floors cleaned – vacuumed/cleared and wiped). Reachable roof fans tidied and cleaned. Wastebasket cleaned(outside). Blinds – tidied.

This is what you can expect from the private cleaning organization:

  • Each housekeeping worker will touch base in uniform, and they will be individuals you’ll be glad to have in your home. We care about our workers, so they care about you.
  • All workers must pass irregular medication screens, physicals, and criminal historical verifications as well as. We direct yearly criminal historical verifications on every worker, and we remain behind the 100% so you never need to stress.
  • We give free in-home evaluations to figure out what you explicitly need and need in a housekeeper benefit. On the off chance that you incline toward, we will give a telephone gauge as well as.

In Short, Our private cleaning administrations are adaptable to meet your particular needs. We will likely furnish you with a far-reaching, customized plan that is unmatched by some other cleaning organization, and to surpass your desires with each cleaning. Give us a chance to enable you to save your time so you can spend it doing the things you need with your loved ones.

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