Rug Cleaning Services need care when using a cleaning system process. That is why we at Carpet cleaning recommend a professional rug cleaning in Montreal. We provide facility Rug Cleaning Services for an excellent cleaning that is the same in our Home rug cleaning in Montreal.
The house rug cleaning service from carpet cleaning removes the dirt, stains and odors with the use of the latest cleaning equipment without any damage and is safe to use.
Rugs are expensive and an investment to be protected for long. A professional rug cleaning will ensure the longetvity and life span of the rug.  We provide rug cleaning service in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil



The rug cleaning from us involves a specific process of cleaning on the facility. We deliver the best quality of rug cleaning to the residents in Montreal.

  • For cleaning the rug, our cleaners will inspect and pick up the carpet and bring it to our facility where we shall gently and softly clean the rug with the latest cleaning equipment.
  • We use a duster to remove the dry dirt to lose up and to run the service entirely.
  • Then if the happens to be pet odor and urine, the removal treatment is applied to remove the odors and smells.
  • In an automated washtub, the paddles softly apply the cleaning solution and remove the dirt and dust from the fibres.
  • Rinsing the rug involves ensuring no cleaning solution is left, and the rug is dry up in a clean environment.
  • Finally, then we prepare to deliver the rug back to your place in time.

Rug Cleaning Cost

Rug cleaning cost differs and depends on the size of the rug and the type of cleaning. You can quickly get a free estimate and quote from carpet cleaning by contacting us through e-mail, website and telephone.



Many times we are asked the same question of steam cleaning rugs. We use hot water extraction to clean the carpets the same as steam cleaning. If you need help for rug cleaning service in Montreal, visit our service page for more information.

Where you can find rug cleaning in Montreal

You can find rug cleaning in Montreal by booking us for the rug cleaning. Call us on (514) 654 4988 to book and enjoy a stress-free cleaning service from professionals.

Moreover, if you are interested some of most valuable house cleaning services or want a an occasional cleaning service in Montreal. So you can contact us for an inspection and we can devise the best cleaning plan suitable for your house. Therefore we clean rugs and give you a thorough clean process in a very short time.

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