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Regardless of whether it’s a Special Spring Cleaning Service, crisp cleaning to set up your home to go available, planning for an extraordinary occasion or essentially cleaning your home for visitors, we can help.
Special profound cleaning administrations are offered in Montreal, Laval and Longueuil. The accompanying administrations incorporate, however, are not restricted, what is found beneath.

Rooms, living areas and throughout

  • All floors completely vacuumed utilizing purified and clean business vacuums, including one end to the other cover edges and storage room floors
  • Vacuum under furnishings and little region mats
  • small floor coverings shook out
  • all regions altogether cleaned, including edges and under warming installations as required
  • cobwebs expelled, up high and down low
  • shelving and enriching things hand cleaned to evacuate residue and development
  • furniture altogether vacuumed/hand cleaned, including under/between pads
  • light apparatuses switch plates and outlet covers cleaned clean*
  • ceiling fans cleaned off by hand (under 12′ above floor level as it were)
  • light shades vacuumed
  • debris on feet of seats evacuated
  • sides and legs of goods cleaned off
  • picture outline glass cleaned
  • baseboards cleaned off
  • window ledges and scarves cleaned off
  • a glass of inside entryways (french entryways, glass closet entryways, and so forth) cleaned
  • light general fixing
  • laundry machines cleaned off, the territory around machines cleaned off, vacuumed and tidied as open
  • wastebaskets discharged, junk taken outside as required


  • counter surface scoured and cleaned off
  • sinks scoured and cleaned clean
  • all apparatuses cleaned and cleaned
  • back sprinkles scoured and cleaned
  • stovetop scoured and cleaned
  • oven entryways and controls cleaned
  • outside of dishwasher detail cleaned, including entryway best, side and gasket area
  • outside of little machines, detail cleaned
  • microwave detail wiped all around
  • Eat-in table cleaned
  • Cabinet faces cleaned
  • The window above sink cleaned, if available


  • Counter surface scoured and cleaned off
  • Sinks cleaned and cleaned
  • All installations cleaned and cleaned
  • mirrors cleaned
  • shower/tub helpful: shower and tub, including tile grout and shower entryways, cleaned and cleaned until free of cleanser rubbish, chrome installations cleaned to evacuate water recoloring
  • The Toilets also cleaned and purified, including sides, base and encompassing dividers. Non-lethal evacuation of hard water stains and rings
  • Tissue and towel holders also cleaned
  • Cabinet faces cleaned
  • Bathroom vent grind cleaned

In Short, Our Special Spring Cleaning Service administration won’t just get your home putting its best self forward, yet will set you ready for cleaning achievement going ahead; after our profound cleaning administration, a week by week or every other week support cleaning is all that is expected to keep things looking extraordinary. Get some information about our uncommon rebate on the off chance that you choose to agree to accept ordinary cleaning administration after your profound clean is finished!

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