Low cost and durability for Tile and grout cleaning makes it a popular choice for commercial sectors such as office, hospital, school and restaurant. The regular cleaning service cannot remove the dust and dirt completely. It is why you need a professional tile and grout cleaning service in Montreal Laval and Longueil.
We use the latest cleaning equipment and products for commercial tile and grout cleaning. It helps reducing the cost and offers the best possible cleaning solution. The highly trained professionals and expert at carpet cleaning service specialize in various type of flooring. Our expert cleaners work around the clock to minimize the disruption and allow work to progress on smoothly.

How to Clean Tile and Grout


Removing the debris from the grout from carpet cleaning professionals help in extending the life of the floor. The special grout recoloring service from carpet cleaning can make the floor look like new. We can offer the best tile and grout cleaning with a trust of professional to get the cleaning done.

Tile and Grout cleaning process

  • Inspection in the areas to get a best cleaning method
  • Spot and stains are cleaned using the best cleaning products.
  • Use of high pressure cleaning and extraction system to remove dirt and debris.
  • All areas properly cleaned.

Tiles must be cleaned regularly. Tiles and grout cleaning need:

A bucket of water pH natural gentle detergent which also can remove stains and spots a good scrubber or brush Clean and soft pieces of cloths Dry towel
Now you have to deep your scrubber or brush into the soap water and rub tiles floors and walls accordingly. Best Carpet Cleaning services have a separate bucket of water to rinse water..



Carpets are part of the floor. Best Carpet Cleaning services should be performed during floor clean-up.
For the grouts between tiles you can try some domestic tricks.
Make a paste of water and baking soda. Scrub with this mixture.
Use white vinegar and spray over the grouts.
Apply a mixture of warm water and oxygenated bleach over the grouts.
Make a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and baking soda. After applying rinse it off with mop.

If you are trying these tiles and grout cleaning solutions for the first time test a hidden corner of your room. Carpet Cleaning provide you best cleaning Service.

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