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Wood Floor Cleaning was in residential and commercial cleaning services industry since 2010. During all these years of practice, Wood Floor Cleaning has built a solid foundation. Carpet Cleaning Montreal Wood Floor Cleaning mission is to provide home cleaning services and high-quality household help to large regions of Montreal moreover than selecting the best cleaning products. Carpet Cleaning Montreal Wood Floor Cleaning know that your home is precious to you Carpet Cleaning Montreal residential cleaning service is built around the idea of providing you discretion and reliability. All this means that Carpet Cleaning Montreal housekeeping team, committed and motivated, will serve you for a long term. As well as the company that will be present all the time to bring you all the support and confidence you need.

Wood Floor Cleaning

Cleaning service Montreal now offers a Wood Floor Cleaning Service that can extend the life of your wood floors while leaving them clean and shiny after every service. Wood Floor Care commercial grade cleaners eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can weaken wood flooring and eventually lead to costly repairs.

Debris Removal

  • Removes large pieces of dirt and debris
  • Prepares floor for Carpet Cleaning Montreal state-of-the-art wood floor cleaning equipment


  • Wood Floor Care and Intensive Floor Treatment forcefully assault extreme earth
  • The round and hollow activity of Carpet Cleaning Montreal wood floor cleaning hardware shakes and relaxes installed earth and buildup
  • Squeegees in our specific hardware extricate the cleaning arrangement and leave your floor dry
  • Carpet Cleaning Montreal Wood Floor Cleaning Service does significantly more than a home floor cleaning can achieve. We don’t simply clean the wood floor surface, as most different frameworks and items. Rather, we extricate concealed earth from profound inside the sheets, dry and hand clean the surface of the floor, and after that apply a sparkling best coat.

Nitty-gritty Hand Cleaning

  • Carpet Cleaning Montreal uniquely prepared professionals will clean edges and hard-to-achieve corners by hand
  • A microfiber material catches staying surface earth and garbage
  • Second Scrub
  • Carpet Cleaning Montreal best in class tidying hardware grabs any last soil or deposit
  • Top Coat Application
  • Leaves wood floors spotless and buildup free with no sanding essential
  • Choose from a sparkle or glossy silk complete that will give your wood floors a sans streak sparkle
  • Solid Floor Care and Cleaning

Why CARPET CLEANING MONTREAL Concrete Floor Care and Cleaning?

  • Like all other deck surfaces, solid floors end up noticeably dull and messy after some time. An expert cleaning by Carpet Cleaning Montreal Concrete Floor Care process conveys new life to solid floors!
  • CARPET CLEANING MONTREAL has been cleaning homes and organizations since 2010. They have to lead the route on the cover, upholstery, wood floors, air conduits, tile and grout, regular stone and now concrete!
  • When you clean with CARPET CLEANING MONTREAL, you’re not simply getting a man in a van. You’re getting the experience and ability of our whole group. their hardware, process, and preparing give you the best clean there is.
  • Carpet Cleaning Montreal profound solid cleaning process expels the hardest earth securely and viable. Your floors will be revived when professionally kept up.
  • Solid Floors Revitalized

Stage ONE – PREP

  • Remove expansive bits of soil and garbage
  • Prepare floor for the solid cleaning energy of Carpet Cleaning Montreal best in class hardware.


  • Carpet Cleaning Montreal Concrete Floor Care forcefully assaults intense earth.
  • The round and hollow activity of Carpet Cleaning Montreal remarkable solid cleaning hardware effectively unsettle and extricates installed earth and deposit caught profound inside floors. We expel soil that straightforward cleaning or everyday support can’t evacuate.
  • The arrangement is separated rapidly from the floor with squeegees in our cleaning hardware leaving your floor dry.


  • Optional sealers are accessible for your indoor/outside living spaces. See your agent for extra data.
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